The following pages will provide you with more information about the PADI DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING. Our varied program for certified divers is already popular, but the majority of your

    guests have never been diving or snorkelling before.


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    Many in fact, don’t even realize that it is possible for them to do so without having a diving certificate. ”PARADISE DIVE CENTER” has especially developed a family program to discover the underwater world Step by Step whether snorkelling or scuba diving. Paradise Dive Center located in Petres, a place 15 min. away from Rethymno and 10 min. away from Georgioupolis. The day excursion to Petres begins with a pick up service from guests’ hotel or corresponding place. This beautiful place has been chosen for our activities as it is a very quiet and protected area on the north coast of the island. Our guests will enjoy a perfect day in our dive base in Petres which provides them with all facilities including: pool, snack bar, toilets, showers and sun beds. Upon arrival at the base each guest receives his own personal mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit for the day before commencing their chosen activity. Although the atmosphere is relaxed and funny, safety always comes first. Before the real dive into the sea there is time for the guests to become familiar with the equipment, we show themthe skills and afterwards we make a demonstration in the pool. Our program in Petres includes a variety of boat and night diving for certified divers. The majority of people, who visit Rethymno, don’t know that they have the opportunity to discover the underwater world of Crete. This opportunity also exists for those who have never tried diving or snorkeling before. Our daily excursions begin with the transport from your hotel to our dive base which is located in Petres, on the north coast of the island, only 10 minutes away from Rethymnon. There you can follow our snorkeling tour or try the Discover Scuba Diving. The snorkelingtour is made in the morning and lasts for about 1 hour, which helps you to become familiar with the equipment. The rest of the day you are free to enjoy the sun and the sea while snorkeling by yourselves. Discover Scuba Diving is a program developed especially for beginners. Theory lessons are followed by practical exercises in the pool and then a real dive into the sea. Children up to ten years can take part in this program. We can ensure you that the Discover Scuba Diving is an unforgettable experience you CANNOT MISS!!!!! Your friends and the members of your family who are not convinced yet, can join us to our excursion and spend their day with you in the quiet and protected beach of the dive center. For the certified divers we offer a wide variety of   boat – cave dives, as well as night diving. PARADISE DIVE CENTER gives you the opportunity to have a relaxed and fun experience. All our activities are under the direct supervision of our PADI instructors, as your safety is our highest priority.



    DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING (DSD)…A must for beginners!!

    (Minimum age 10 years old)                                                   79.00Euro

    Discover Scuba Diving is our most popular excursion for beginners from the age of 10 to........ . Each guest receives his own personal mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit upon arrival and are divided into language groups where an instructor will give them the necessary theory lesson of diving. This is followed by practical exercises inn the pool using the complete gear for approximately 30 minutes. After this the guests will make a real dive in to the open sea for about 40 minutes. All activities are under the direct supervision of our PADI instructors. Although the day is relaxing and fun, safety is ensured by diving to a maximum depth of six meters, with a ratio of one instructor for every two guests.

    This program is corresponding to the first day of the PADI Open Water Course.


    (Children between 6-10 years 25Euros)                                                   45.00Euro

    So that every one can enjoy the underwater world, even those who prefer to stay at the surface, we provide a full day snorkelling excursion. This includes a snorkelling course and guided tour of the bay in the morning, with a second optional tour in the afternoon. Mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit are at your disposal throughout the whole day in case you want to enjoy the ocean even more and perhaps decide to discover the fun of skin diving.

    PADI Bubblemaker (BBM) …New this year !!!!!!!!

     (Minimum age 8 years old)                                                                               65.00Euro

    The Bubblemaker programme introduces scuba as an activity that allows children to experience the undersea world. The instructor will give a theory lesson about scuba diving and equipment use. This is followed by practical diving exercises in the pool and the highlight of this program is a two meter sea dive under constant supervision of an instructor.


    Boat Dive                                                                                   42.00Euro

    The rough north coast offers a wide variety of spectacular dives for all levels of certified divers which include Shore diving, Boat diving, Cave diving and Night diving. Also we offer all the PADI Qualifications and Speciality Courses.                     

    Cave Dive                                                                                55.00Euro

    Who would have believed that you could find the fossil of an elephant in a submarine cavern in Crete? The Cavern’s entrance is between 3.5 and 10 meters deep with a width of about 9 meters. After swimming in for about 40 meters a series of exquisite red and white stalagmites and stalactites are revealed to greet divers as they emerge in the cave. You enter a world that has existed peacefully, for centuries transforming into a fabulous underwater paradise of colour and remarkable discoveries. Among the treasures of the cave are the fossilized remains of an elephant which include vertebra, teeth and a tusk. Especially interesting apart from the elephants are the numerous deer bones that belong to both normal and dwarf deer, merely 30cm tall. While visiting the cave you may also have the pleasure of being introduced to the seal that has made the cave her underwater home. This is a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. Why not join us for the dive of your life!


     (Children between 3-10 years 6.00Euros)                                                 12.00Euro

    For the ‘Non water babies’ who would  like to join their family and friends on the excursion. Why not relax on the beach or on the sun beds around the pool, swimming in the sea or the pool and observing the fun! This is an excellent way for the whole family to spend a fabulous day together. All prices include a pick up service to the guests’ hotel or pick up point, insurance, full equipment (except for the qualified divers), and instruction.


    If you try the Discover Scuba Diving and you decide that diving is one of the activities you want to know better, in PARADISE DIVE CENTER you can take the PADI certificates. You can start from the age of 10 and the first certificate you can take is SCUBA DIVER or the OPEN WATER DIVER. The first one is a two day course which includes theory, dives in the pool and 2 dives in the sea. The second one is a four day course which includes theory, dives in the pool and 4 dives in the sea. With both of them you become a qualified diver and you can then dive all over the world. For those of you who are already qualified, PARADISE DIVE CENTER, offers the opportunity to take the ADVANCED OPEN WATER COURSE, the EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE COURSE, the RESCUE DIVER COURSE and the DIVE MASTER COURSE. You can also take the following PADI SPECIALITY COURSES which are:


    DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPRER, MASTER SCUBA DIVER, NITROX DIVER and more… If you are interested we will be glad to hear from you. We wish you a fabulous holiday in our beautiful town of Rethymno.


    Open Water Diver Course (OWD)                                            400, 00 Euro

    All equipment, instruction, certification fees and pick up services are included in the price. The Open Water Diver book is necessary (45, 00 Euro); Logbook available

    Course duration : 4 days

           5 theoretical lessons

            5 confined water sessions

            4 sea dives

    Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOWD)                      300, 00 Euro

    Pick up service is included in the price. Equipment is exclusive and may be hired at the normal daily rate. The Adv.Open Water Diver book is necessary (45, 00 Euro)

              Course duration: 3 days. All practical, no written examination.

              2 mandatory dives : Deep dive and underwater navigation

              3 further dives which may be discussed and chosen with the instructor


    Emergency first response (EFR)                                      120, 00 Euro

    How to react in emergency situations. Non diving related. Useful for all the family.

    Rescue Diver Course (RESOD)                                         400, 00 Euro

    Pick up service is included in the price. Equipment is exclusive and may be hired at the normal daily rate. The Rescue Diver book is necessary.

              Course duration : 3 days

              Read modules and complete knowledge reviews.

              Theoretical lessons.

              4 Water sessions

    Divemaster (DM)                                                                     600, 00 Euro

    Pick up service is included in the price. Equipment is exclusive and may be hired at the normal daily rate. The Divemaster book is necessary.

               Course duration: 10 days

               Theoretical sessions.

               Confined and open water sessions


    A wide range of specialty courses are also available. Please feel free to call us for further information and availability.


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